Water and Wastewater Technology

Inpro Engineering specializes in the provision of engineering services and the supply of technological equipment for the treatment of industrial and domestic wastewater, as well as water supply and water treatment systems.

We offer an integrated approach to solving your problem:
– selection of optimal cleaning technology;
– development of design estimates for construction;
– development of design documentation;
– equipment supply;
– installation work;
– commissioning works;
– service equipment supplied.

About Us

Our advantages

An integrated approach to solving the problem
Certified Specialists
Design and manufacture of non-standard equipment
Compliance with the requirements of domestic and foreign standards
The latest water treatment and wastewater treatment technologies
Advice and assistance of qualified professionals
We use the following methods for water treatment:
– Chemical Dosing
– Disinfection
– Clarification
– Mechanical Filtration
– Softening
– Ultrafiltration
– Reverse Osmosis
– Electrodeionization
We use the following methods for wastewater treatment:
– Mechanical
– Biological
– Physical-chemical
– Disinfection


Water treatment

Wastewater Treatment

    – Process engineering and auditing
    – Support of projects
    – Equipment selection
    – Planning solutions
        – Installation supervision
        – Installation work
        – Commissioning
        – Training


            – Equipment delivery
            – Production of non-standard equipment
            – Modernization of existing equipment
            – Automation of equipment and technological processes
                – Technical and operational service
                – Technical support
                – Warranty and service
                – Supply of spare parts and consumables

                  Engineering services

                  Installation and Commissioning

                  Manufacture of Equipments


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